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Location of Antarctica.
Area 简 14,000,000 km (5,400,000 sq mi) 简 280.000 km (108.000 sq mi) are not covered ais, 简 13,720,000 km (5,297,000 sq mi) covered ais
Population ~ 1000 (not settled)
Antarctic Treaty System

- Executive Setiausaha Johannes Huber
The charges against the land of Antarctica Flag of Argentina Argentina
Australia Flag Australia
800px-Flag of Chile.svg-1-.png Chile
Flag of France France
Flag New Zealand New Zealand
800px-Flag of Norway.svg.png Norway
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom
Having the right to demand land Russia.svg Flag of Russia
American Flag American Sarekat Sarekat
Internet Domain. Aq
Kod Call after call location

Antarctica (from Greek 廒 彖 帢 庥 庣 庥, opposite the arctic) is a continent that includes the South Pole of Earth. Coldest place on earth big sebahagian ais covered throughout the year.

Although the legend and speculation about a Terra Australis ("Southern Land") has existed since ancient times, the discovery of the continent was first received by the public occurred in 1820 and landing the first verified in 1821. However, maps are made Admiral Piri Reis in 1513 includes a southern continent which may be similar to the Antarctic coast. (See also History of Antarctica).

With an area of 13,200,000 km 简, Antarctica is the largest continent fifth after Eurasia, Africa, North America, and South America. However, the smallest population, far below the others (mostly inhabited by researchers and scientists for a certain time limit only). This continent has an average altitude of the highest ground, the lowest average humidity and average temperature of the lowest among all the continents on earth.

Antarctica is a free Zon, although to date there are still some countries in the world who claim property in the area of the Antarctic continent.


Climate in Antarctica is very extreme, very low humidity, as well as the average air temperature during low, average wind speed throughout the year high


Kod phone antarabangsa for Antarctica is 672.

Antarctica already has a wireless telephone coverage. In Argentina's Marambio base there is a cellular tower that use AMPS technology and on King George Island, there is a GSM tower Entel Chile. Besides this, communication is limited to satellite connections.

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