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Ada apa dengan ROMA?

Dear Nurul,

As you read this e-mail, nearly 100,000 individual dogs and cats are trapped in steel cages in laboratories across North America. They are every bit as friendly, affectionate, and deserving of love as the animals we share our homes with. But instead of living in the comfortable home of a loving guardian like you, they spend every day and night locked in cold, barren cages, forced to sleep and stand on grating. Instead of going for daily walks, playing with toys, and getting a scratch behind the ears, they are treated as nothing more than living test tubes and are repeatedly subjected to painful and invasive procedures—usually until they are no longer considered "useful," at which time they are killed.

Please donate to PETA right now to have your gift doubled—dollar for dollar—to stop the abuse of dogs, cats, and other animals in laboratories. Our "Stop Animal Testing" Challenge is off to a great start, but we have a long way to go.

I urge you to make a gift today to help us hit our $250,000 online goal by the end of this month and shut down more of these laboratories for good.

By taking the challenge today, you'll be helping PETA open people's eyes to the fact that tens of millions of individual animals—including many just like those we share our homes with—are routinely electrocuted, poisoned, cut to pieces, and killed in laboratories. And raising awareness is the first step in winning victories that end animal suffering:

  • One week after PETA released the results of our shocking undercover investigation of Professional Laboratory and Research Services, Inc. (PLRS), the North Carolina animal testing facility surrendered nearly 250 dogs and cats and shut its doors for good. We documented numerous horrors inside PLRS, including a test in which 57 cats suffered seizures, foamed at the mouth, and went blind after a chemical was applied to their necks.
  • Lufthansa agreed to stop transporting dogs and cats to laboratories less than 24 hours after PETA posted photographs and an action alert on our website drawing attention to the plight of more than 50 dogs who were flown on a Lufthansa cargo plane from the U.S. to the notorious Charles River Laboratories in Scotland.
  • After PETA revealed that the University of Utah (the U) was experimenting on homeless dogs and cats purchased from animal shelters, Utah legislators voted overwhelmingly to amend state law to allow shelters to refuse to release animals to the university. In response, the shelter that was selling most of the dogs and cats to the U ended this shameful practice.
Your gift today during this special challenge will go twice as far to help save dogs, cats, and other animals from the horrors of animal testing.

Your challenge support keeps the pressure on facilities like the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter, the only shelter in Utah that continues to sell dogs and cats to the U. Your challenge support can stop cats from having hard plastic tubes repeatedly forced down their delicate throats in painful and archaic intubation training exercises at places like the University of Michigan and St. Louis Children's Hospital. Your challenge support helps us fight to ensure that no animal suffers like the beagle puppies who had their eyes cut out in experiments at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

By donating during the "Stop Animal Testing" Challenge, you will do twice as much to help us shut the doors of animal shelters to experimenters; promote more modern, non-animal testing methods; and save more dogs, cats, and other animals from suffering in nightmarish laboratories. Please respond today. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

P.S. PETA needs your help to raise $250,000 to sustain our fight to end experiments on animals. The sooner you donate, the sooner your gift will be doubled and help prevent dogs, cats, mice, rabbits, primates, and other animals from ever entering a laboratory's doors. Please donate now.
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